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School Day

Lower School

8.40 a.m.                    Doors open for Years 1-6

8.50 a.m.                    Doors open for Foundation Stage

8.55 a.m.                    Start of school

9.05 a.m.                    Whole School assembly (Monday and Friday)

10.30 a.m.                  Break

12.00-1.05 p.m.          Lower School lunch

2.15 p.m.                    Assembly (Tuesday to Thursday)

2.30 p.m.                    Break

3.00 p.m.                    Foundation Stage end of school day

3.10 p.m.                    Years 1 and 2 end of school day


Upper School

8.40 a.m.                    Doors open for Years 1-6

8.55 a.m.                    Start of school

9.05 a.m.                  Whole School assembly (Monday and Friday)

10.50 a.m.                  Assembly (Tuesday to Thursday)

11.05 a.m.                  Break

12.30-1.30 p.m.           Upper School lunch

3.20 p.m.                    End of school day

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